COVID-19 and American Student’s Mental Health

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There is no doubt in the fact that the COVID crisis has affected the mental health of literally everyone. And, if we take a closer look then the students are the worse affected by it. They are part of our society who is hanging in the middle of everything. They are in a growing phase and have lots of responsibilities to carry forward. It is true for the fact that the growing mental stress in them is terrible and harmful. They are worried about their future plus their health. If e sum it up in a sentence then they are the most vulnerable part of our society. And, they have put everything on stage to just keep going.

The COVID-19 crisis has a potential that could make everything devastating and unbearable. As mentioned in the report released by Human Rights Watch it is going to leave a long-term negative impact on children around the globe. It is going to cause a terrible and long-lasting health crisis that would be unavoidable. Especially in children who have already contracted the virus the side effects are not going to leave them. It will end up causing a clear decline in the mortality rates than other age groups.

When we talk about schooling and education then in the current situation more than 1.5 billion students are out of their schools. Their one whole academic year is going in vain. Plus, the tensions are growing as the world is witnessing widespread job and income loss and economic insecurity among families. And, this is going to give re-birth to all kinds of social evils like child labour, sexual exploitation, teenage pregnancy, and child marriage. Because people will have no money to raise or to give a perfect lifestyle to their child.

Many sources have continuously reported that all the families living under the quarantine; and lockdowns are seeing the violent issue of domestic violence. The result of all this is going to be pathetic as this global crisis has increased the death toll; and that directly means that uncountable numbers of children will be left orphaned and vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The United States have closed down at least 1,149 colleges and universities that have affected over 14 million students. The students who were preparing for their graduation this spring are left in tears their college careers have came to an abrupt end in a blink of seconds. There were rushed goodbyes through video conference. They didn’t even get the chance to say a final goodbye to their professors who taught and raised them for years. They didn’t get a single chance to visit their college for last time and capture all the memories in the camera rolls.

The burden of online classes on children has made the situation worst. It is true for the fact that life cannot stop, whatever happens, the basic things that are necessary for our survival can’t stop. Putting them on hold is just not the solution. On one side this looks needed while on the other this looks horrible.

But, summing up everything we have a long way to go.

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