Xbox’s Next-Gen Console Just Dropped a Hint for their Latest IP which can Mean Bad News for Sony

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While 2020 marks the end of a decade, many still believe that the best is yet to come. Especially coming to consoles as this year we shall see the next-gen of consoles from both the market leaders – Sony and Microsoft.

While Sony has chosen to remain exorbitantly numb about their console, Microsoft has been the exact opposite. They even debuted the final look of their IP at E3 2019, while Sony did not even attend the attend. Notably, Sony has chosen to stay out of E3 2020 too.

In the latest tweet from Xbox, Microsoft confirmed that the next Xbox console X will be able to play all four generations’ worth of games of its younger brothers. While Sony had always struggled to keep up with backward compatibility, the latest tweet from Xbox definitely one-ups Sony.

If sources are said to be believed Microsoft also one-ups Sony in the specification department, however, the current generation of consoles also puts Microsoft as the leader in the specification department with Sony still beating them for two consoles being sold for every one of Microsoft’s.

The latest tweet from Xbox quotes that the latest-gen console would possess 12 Teraflops of custom graphical memory, Custom RDNA 2 and Zen2 processors and Hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing. Microsoft is also rumored to initiate a “Smart Delivery” system as their latest console begins rolling out where Xbox Game Studios will redeem players who buy a copy for the current generation for a copy for the next-gen console free of cost.

CD Projekt Red, the developers behind Cyberpunk 2077 led the charge by putting out the following tweet, “Gamers should never be forced to purchase the same game twice and pay for upgrades. Owners of #Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One will receive the Xbox series X upgrade for free when available”. While the current-gen console is clearly won by Sony, the next-gen console war is yet to begin with the repercussions being initiated now.

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