Boeing Finds Itself in Another Shitstorm as Debris Discovered in Fuel Tanks of Undelivered 737’s

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Boeing has found themselves in another PR and probably another storm that might cause their stocks prices to further decline. Boeing joined the news late last year after two 737 Max crashed killing over 350 people. The company came under strong cuckold from the shareholders and the press for pushing their new navigational system when it wasn’t ready. That coupled with several pilot’s testimonies that they received minimal to no training, further plummeted the airlines into oblivion.

On Saturday during a routine inspection, Boeing found debris in fuel tanks of undelivered 737 Max jets. This comes as a further blow to the Chicago based airline which was working towards building their trust back to the wider public cementing them to their original position in the airplane world.

A total of 35 aircraft were found filled with debris and a company spokesperson quoted that more than 50% of the jets were found to be filled with debris-filled fuel. A litany of airplanes have still not undergone inspection at the moment.

“We are taking steps to make sure we eliminate FOD (Foreign Debris Body) from any and all aircraft. This is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated on any Boeing aircraft when it’s delivered to the customer,” Boeing said in an emailed statement. The findings for the debris were first found out in the Wall Street Journal.

Foreign Debris Objects can be quantified as rags, tools, and metal shavings that could be left behind during production. This is not the first time that Boeing was found to be in violation of having debris-filled fuel as the latter found FOD in their KC-46 tankers.

A memo was circulated through the walls inside Boeing indicating the same while further putting the validity of the 737 Max Jets under scrutiny as the jets were banned world-wide since March last year.

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