What will become of Human Content Writers in the age of Artificial Intelligence?

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans and act like them. In 1956, at a conference in Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined. In the 1950s, it was a science fiction concept, but now, it is real, much more real than the outdated tools we used to use. We use AI for weather forecasts and voice recognition, such as Apple’s Siri. The new additions of Alexa and Amazon Echo proved to mark a significant impact on our daily lives. However, with every pro, there is a con. AI is changing roles and the coming era of Technology giants like Musk, Google, and Amazon will change the dynamics further.

When we say the words Artificial Intelligence, people become wary of their jobs. Content creators fall in the same zone as well. Writing is as old as human communication. The oldest form of recreation is writing. We have been reading books of scholars and philosophers who came on the planet centuries ago. Writing is a profession that leads back to humanity. It leads back to the basic necessity of communication. When we hear about the danger of AI replacing the writing jobs, we automatically think, it will not only take the job but the emotions and feelings that attach us to it as well.

Will Artificial Intelligence take away our writing jobs?

Human content writer vs Artificial Intelligence
Human writers induce connection

I am writing this article, knowing that whoever will read this is a writer at heart and is genuinely worried about the security of his job. So, what are the chances of humans losing not human writers but humans losing heartfelt written work? Current writers do not have anything to fear. If you are talented and you are brushing up your skills, you will not lose your job. Even if AI reduces the writers, it can never erase the essence of human writing.

Writer Dan Brown said, “The thing that is going to make artificial intelligence so powerful is its ability to learn, and the way AI learns is through looking at human culture.” He posed a question which is, Can AI deliver the relatable blog content? When the word ‘relatable’ comes, the notions of empathy and sympathy come to play. In my opinion, that is going to wait for a long time until AI interfaces start being a human. This is why the question Dan Brown raised speaks volumes. The current writers and the past writers personalized the content with what’s needed of him/her. An example, the person must be a native English Speaker. This means the work needs the person to have a relatability context.

Artificial Intelligence poem
Artificial Intelligence poem in bold is bland and insipid as compared to the original soft and poignant Dickinson’s poem

What is Content Automation?

As mentioned earlier, content writers are at risk of losing their jobs. AI can write thousands of articles per day, whereas humans can write about 10 articles. The Washington Post using Heliograf created 850 articles in the year of 2017, but Quill AI robot can produce thousands in comparison. The robot can write 12-15 times more than a human. So, where there is AI concerned in content writing, we come to hear about the word Content automation. It is powered by natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG). In layman language, it is the software inside the writing bots to create articles. Through these, both processes, computers, and robots can create words just like a human. This facilitates the articles produced by high-end AI-powered interfaces to produce top-notch content for human readers. Examples are ArticleForge, ContentOP, and Articoolo.

Articoolo AI writing software
Source: Articoolo

How is Artificial Intelligence changing content writing?

We cannot discredit AI writers. Technology has made our lives smooth. So, to not give it any credit will call us ungrateful. There are technical gifts that we writers enjoy today, like plagiarism check  [like duplichecker ], grammar check [like grammarly], etc. are some of the tools that have helped us humans to save time. We do not have to spend time proofreading and editing, there are apps for that, though not always free. We can provide better targeted content to the audience. These AI writing aids help us in forming better style, structure and readability. The application of SEO optimized content gives us more public appearance and that is because of AI. Research tools like MarketMuse, Atomic Reach, and Market Brew takes the research to a next level. The ML algorithms in these Softwares ensure that the work is always top-notch.

The application of chatbots on almost all the apps have also increased new types of content for humans to write. Writers predict conversations and write the responses for them. They write all the conversational leads. This type of content writing is interesting and fun. AI has also reduced the work that we don’t find that fun to write. Like, writing client updates, product descriptions, financial data additions, etc.

An example to salute AI writers is a novel written by an AI writer in Japan. It passed the first round of screening for the Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award. However, AI writers operate on NLG and NLP. To operate NLG, it relies on what humans feed it with. This also makes humans in charge of operating AI robots writing articles and books.

AI vs human writer
AI writer vs Human content writer

Main Obstacles in Artificial Intelligence’s Process of Overthrowing Human Content Writers

There are hurdles in the path of Artificial Intelligence Softwares becoming artificial human writers. The main pitfall is human emotion. That is the core of writing. It is a fundamental part of storytelling. We humans can change our writing style to target certain groups of the population. For some technical articles, we can adopt an authoritative tone. In poetry and novels, we can adopt an easy-going narrative. For essays, we can adopt a mixture of both. We are called social animals for a reason. This is what differentiates us from animals, and this is what differentiates us from Artificial Intelligence. To give a better scenario to explain robotic written content, suppose a robot singing your favorite song. Yeah, that stunk right? This will be the same for robotic written content.

AI writing
Source: Digital Trend

Companies have to take care of social responsibility if they want to remain in the market. They employ Corporate Social Responsibility Social Workers for the same.

How to not be afraid?

After listening to the fact that the writers’ career is in danger, you automatically feel conscious of your job security. However, we should not be afraid for the following reasons:

  • AI writers cannot create relatable content. Influencers are on the rise because we can relate to them. AIs cannot do that.
  • Artificial Intelligence cannot produce empathetic writing. That is an area of humans and applies strictly to us.
  • AI content is costly. Quill software costs about $70,000 a year for one story type.

Creative career options are not easy to replicate because they are personal and intimate. This is why writers have the choice of polishing and furnishing their talents so that they make themselves superior to the AI writers.

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