Spenser Confidential 2: The Plot, Release Date and Cast

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Spenser Confidential 2 will mark Spenser Confidential’s sequel. Approximately 85 million households watched the Mark-Wahlberg starring movie, topping Tiger King. Both released in March 2020 on Netflix. Spenser Confidential’s rise is an epitome of Slow and steady wins the race. The NY Times reviewed the film as “The movie may be an easily forgotten action comedy, but as a Mark Wahlberg vehicle it is also easily watchable.”

The first movie received IMDb rating of 6.2 and 36% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, because it has Mark Wahlberg in it, the viewers were pretty large.

Will we see Spenser Confidential 2?

Spenser Confidential 2 details
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When Netflix released this movie, all eyes and hearts moved to the sequel of the movie. Well, we know that to make a movie, there are so many parts and each one is important in its own way. Be it writing, scheduling shooting, producing, etc. every thing takes time. We know that Netflix has not let out a single breath related to Spenser Confidential 2, but still we can lay our expectations somewhere.

Talking about the schedules of the director and the lead actor, Peter Berg is busy with ‘Painkiller‘, a series on Netflix. Whereas, Wahlberg has two movies lined up, ‘Infinite‘ and ‘Uncharted‘. Berg’s policy is one movie at a time. He stated, “I do feel like [Spenser Confidential] lends itself well to a sequel, obviously given how we ended the film.”

So, the director is down for a sequel. However, the movie released after two years of its announcement and currently due to the ‘Rona’, things just don’t get easier. So, Spenser Confidential 2 won’t be coming anytime soon.

The Plot

The Netflix original film was based on Ace Atkins’ novel ‘Wonderland‘ and the character was taken from the 1980s TV series ‘Spenser: For Hire’. The plot of the second movie will explain the cliffhangers left by the first movie. After finally solving the case, Spenser met with Izzy to walk his dog. They stroll off to meet Hawk and Henry for lunch. They are bathing in each others’ presence when a news report came on the TV. The news explained the fire that cost two firefighters in the church and the suspect is said to be Marty Foley.

He is an old classmate of Spenser’s and seeing Foley begging for innocence on the TV, it was clear that Spenser believes him and will jump in to save him. The plot also looks the same as Atkins’ Spenser Offerings, ‘Slow Burn‘. The closing moments of the movie do spawn a decent sequel for the film. He will save Marty Foley because it has the same connection as his Wonderland case.

The Cast

Spenser Confidential 2 cast
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The main cast will reprise in Spenser Confidential 2.  We will see Mark Wahlberg as Spenser, Winston Duke as Hawk, and Alan Arkin as Henry Cimoli. Austin Post as Squeeb is also likely to make a cameo. Duke has previously stated, “The great thing about this group of characters is they don’t back down, they don’t shy away from a challenge. I think that will always lead them into more adventure.”


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