Recent Study Indicates How Flickering Lights Can Help Strafe Fight Against Alzheimer’s

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Mice have been the “guinea pigs” for proving valuable scientific catches for the past decade due to their close proximity to the human genome. Using mice, scientists all around the world have either found a cure or get closer to finding one every day. The recent breakthrough using mice gives us a fighting chance for siphoning off the terrible symptoms that Alzheimer’s subjects go through.

Using mice, scientists have gained an insight into the therapeutic benefits of exposing Alzheimer ridden subjects to flickering light exposure. A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta discovered that for some reason flickering lights at 40 beats per sec (or 40 Hz) have a rather beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s.

While Alzheimer’s has no known cure or even a specific form of treatment, with the exception of flickering lights due to the recent methodological findings. In the recent study, scientists looked into details at what immune processes occurred to mice when they were exposed to 40 Hz light. The 40 Hz number was derived from a close association of the study that was on similar lines.

According to Kristie Garza, first author of the study, according to Kristie Garza, first author of the study, “I’ll be running samples from mice in the lab, and around the same time, a colleague will be doing a strikingly similar analysis on patient fluid samples.”

Kristie found that when mice are exposed to prolonged exposure of 40 Hz light, they prove an excess of cytokines – a protein type that communicates with other cells. This happened rapidly: “We found an increase in cytokines after an hour of stimulation,” says Kristie Garza. “We saw phosphoprotein signals after about 15 minutes of flickering.” However, the team was not able to identify the increased stimulation of increased cytokine at 40 Hz, they believe that the results look far more promising than any other study in a similar dimension.

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