Resident Evil: Final Chapter Available on Online Streaming Platforms?

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How will Resident Evil: the final chapter be watched digitally and accessible on Itunes, Hulu, or Amazon Prime? The past of computer game adaptations is a famously complicated one, with only little of them understanding what made the original material perform. The Resident Evil movie series is a perfect example of that, with six films scarcely matching any of their video game equivalents except any recognizable creatures or characters. Then, they concentrated on the main character Alice (Milla Jovovich), who started the first film in a zombie-infested lab and finally discovered the only chance of mankind.

Critics of the chapter titles are, of course, divided into the movie show. Besides, possibly, the first episode, none of the film’s efforts to recapture the survival horror element of the game show, with each installment seeking to outdo the previous in terms of ludicrous action and set pieces. Irrespective of this, the movie series has a following and is-to date-the most profitable video game production, with films costing more than $1.2 billion worldwide.

Given the fact that the series was not especially plot-heavy, Resident Evil: the tale of the Final Chapter did a decent job of wrapping it up-and adding a few unexpected turns. The video is not actually available for download on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon in the U.S., although it can be viewed on Fubo and DirecTV. It is also available for rent or lease from the regular retailers, including Vudu, iTunes, Google, etc.

Although Resident Evil: The Final Chapter left the door somewhat open for potential adventures, Alice seems skeptical about Milla Jovovich’s coming back for a future project. The proposed film remake, which would be more in line with the horror origins of the franchise, is under production, though, with 47 Meters Down producer Johannes Roberts currently in the lead.

This suggests that the popularity of the Resident Evil movies has influenced the series to follow an increasingly action-oriented path, hitting its nadir with the 2012 bloated hit Resident Evil 6. Players have since been updated, with the revival of Resident Evil 2 and other latest releases showing that a more old-fashioned survival horror style will indeed perform well. It’ll be fascinating to see how the public embraces a more shocking Resident Evil sequel after the previous film marketed itself as an adventure show.

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