Alta Mar Season 4: What does future hold for it?

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Alta Mar Season 4 is one of the hugest shows that Netflix commissioned from Spain. It premiered on Netflix in May 2019. High Seas is a period drama set in the 1940s. The show’s english name is High Seas. It revolves around sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva who travel in Bárbara de Braganza from Spain to Brazil. They find themselves entwined in the mysterious deaths that happen on the ship. The twists in the show are immaculate. The father who they thought to be dead is alive, turns out. As written in Google reviews, “The story is about murder, love, passion, intrigue, and loads of unintentional laughs. I love the show but for the wrong reasons.”

How did Alta Mar Season 3 end?

Alta Mar Season 3 got finalized in November 2019 and aired on August 7, 2020, on Netflix. All the six episodes were released altogether for us to binge-watch and savor it without losing any flavor. The third season started after one and a half years after the two sisters completed their voyage. Carolina now owns a ship and Eva will team up with Brazilian Spy Fabio for a secret mission. They try to stop the scientist on board the vessel from taking a deadly chemical weapon to its destination.

In Alta Mar Season 3 also shows a virus in the sea. All those infected with the virus are moved to the canteen and Dr. Ayala starts looking for a cure for the virus. Nicolas flag the yellow flag to intimate the warship not to attack them. We also see some action between Katona and Nicolas. Eva reaches the injured Nicolas and he confesses his love. The season ended with lifeboats and people reaching safety.

Alta Mar Season 4
Source: Spoiler TV

Will we see Alta Mar Season 4?

In 2019, the official news came that the fourth season was in development. But, in early 2020, Bluper (a Spanish news portal attached to El Espanol) announced that the fourth season will not see the light of the day. The reason may be due to the COVID-19, they did not want to wait for continuing with the fourth season and instead move to another project. Another reason is that the overall interest of the series was not significant.

The caption reads, “We sail. The Barbara de Braganza sets course for its last journey.

However, if you loved Alta Mar Season 3, some projects from the same company ‘Bambu Producciones‘ are coming in 2021. An example is ‘Jaguar‘.

The cast

The same cast can be expected in Alta Mar Season 4, if it happens.

  • Ivana Baquero (dub: Nathalie Buscombe) as Eva Villanueva
  • Alejandra Onieva (dub: Bethan Rose Young) as Carolina Villanueva
  • Jon Kortajarena (dub: Adam Rhys Dee) as Nicolás Vázquez
  • Eloy Azorín (dub: Daniel Flynn) as Fernando Fábregas
  • Antonio Durán (dub: Wayne Forester) as Detective Varela
  • Eduardo Blanco (dub: Tim Bentinck) as Capitán Santiago Aguirre
  • Pepe Ocio (dub: Stephen Hogan) as Doctor Rojas

The plot of Alta Mar Season 4

If there was a fourth season, or if we get it somehow, we can expect a new ship in the fourth season. The remaining characters can alight on a new journey. We can also see more about Fabio and maybe, a new connection between him and Eva.

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