Airbnb Issues A Global Ban On Parties In Rentals To Maintain Social Distance

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Airbnb issues a global ban on parties to facilitate social distancing norms. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the company is cracking down on house parties. It puts a ban against parties on every property listed on its website. No events or large gatherings will be facilitated as to maintain government orders. On a blog post on Thursday, the company mentions the ban on its properties worldwide. It imposes an occupancy cap of 16 people. Also, any renter or host on the platform who tries to break rules will receive a ban from the platform. They can also be subjected to legal action.

Airbnb Decides On A Global Ban

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Airbnb"
Party ban on Airbnb properties. Image Source:

Due to the coronavirus situation and the increasing cases, local health departments impose strict rules. There are rules against the maximum number of people allowed in a bar or restaurant. Due to this restriction, Airbnb mentions that people are taking “Bar and pub behavior” to rentals and homes.

The company also makes an announcement regarding this. It says,

“The party ban applies to all future bookings on our platform. Until further notice, it will indefinitely stay in effect”.

This new policy allows only 16 guests. The company notes that 73% of their worldwide listings already bans parties in their houses.

On their Thursday blog post, the company mentions,

“Such conduct is irresponsible. We do not want to business with such companies who are engaged in such kind of behavior. They are not welcome on our platform”.

The company mentions that previously hosts were organizers of small parties like birthday parties. However, it updates its policies due to the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

Policies For Public Protection

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Airbnb"
Airbnb updates its policies. Image Source: Radio 4CC Gladstone

In 2019, the company imposes strict rules against ‘party houses’. This was because of the disturbances it caused in the neighborhood. However, given the current situation it introduces new policies. Besides, it is mandatory for all the guests to follow all Covid-19 norms. In order to support this notion, it even removes “event-friendly” filter from its search.

Other updates includes flexibility in the fees for booking. There has been some price revision in this field. Also, there is an enhanced cleaning initiative. This initiative came into effect this May. In order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, the company also keeps a 24-hour gap between each booking. Besides, in May the company also lays out 1900 of its people. This is due to the mass cancellation of booking for the stay at home orders.

Brian Chesky, the CEO mentions,

“The business of Airbnb has been hit hard”.

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