Google Chrome Tests ‘Kaleidoscope’ Hub To House Numerous Streaming Channels At One Place

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It is just a matter of time when Google Chrome will soon allow us to stream from favorite OTT channels. As of now it only supports Disney +, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But it is soon to include Alt Balaji, MX Player, and Zee5. Google Chrome is working on a one-stop hub known as “Kaleidoscope”. This will have all the streaming channels under one roof. The company, however, did not reveal anything as of yet. But it seems like the latest Canary Version already has the hub ready.

Availability of Services

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Google Chrome"
Netflix. Image Source:

At this moment the service is intricately available for internal testing only. However, it is more likely to offer us a single hub to stream all video content from various channels. It is currently a future prospect and we need to wait for it to be available for use. As per the reports, Google will allow you to add all your streaming devices via a setup window.

After configuring the setup, you can stream all your videos from several channels under one roof. There are several streaming services waiting in line to be added by Google Chrome. We are hoping all the streaming services to be an integral part of the service upon its launch.

As of now we have only three initial streaming services. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney + Hotstar. Besides, the availability of Hotstar is enough to prove that Google is targeting new features. This is technically intended towards the Indian Market. The interesting fact to note here is that the early kaleidoscope feature does not have YouTube on board.

YouTube has been an integral part of Google. And it sees YouTube as a full-fledged streaming platform that allows streaming of contents. The contents are generally a mix of original and user-generated content.

Official Confirmation By Google Chrome

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Google Chrome"
Chrome kaleidoscope still under development. Image Source: 9to5Google

The company does not confirm anything as of now. It does not even provide a timeline of the launch of the latest feature. From this, we can make out that the feature is still under development. As per Chrome Story, when the user selects any of the given streaming channels, a window opens.

The Window reads “Continue watching across all devices”. But as of now, it is a blank page and there is no content available. When the user clicks on the “Next” button it redirects to another page. The page reads, “Chrome Kaleidoscope is currently not available for your Google account.”. There is no more information on this feature as of now.

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