Frozen 2: Why it is worth your time?

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Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck “Frozen 2” is filled with all kinds of surprises you need. It is a story of ice queen Elsa (Idina Menze) and her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) filled with colourful hues, the season of autumn, and red maple leaves. The soft auburn of hidden forests, the icy blues of Elsa’s own snow outfits and the royal aubergines of Anna’s cloak. All of this gives an aesthetic fit to the movie.  The beautiful visuals of the movie make you fall in love with it. Frozen is one of the most refreshing stories about princesses and magic from Disney.

In Frozen we saw Elsa trying to break free from isolation and embrace her powers and finally learning to trust the ones closest to her. It was the story of Elsa who is breaking away her lonely origins and embracing a happier side with her sister. All of this is beautifully depicted in the song “let go” and it is stuck in all of our head.

Frozen 2

But in Frozen 2 the idea was completely different. The story is about a central conflict, we see two sisters happy in their kingdom but nothing remains fines for longer. Elsa starts to hear some voices calling out for her and she decides to find the origin of the voice and goes in its direction. She goes into an enchanted forest with her sister Anna, her boyfriend Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his reindeer Sven and snowman Olaf (Josh Glad). They all are into saving the kingdom of Arendelle and to find Elsa’s true self.

We are here with the top 3 reasons that will definitely convince you to watch this movie if you haven’t till now.

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Frozen 2: The music is amazing

Disney’s Frozen gave us the infamous song “Let go”. While Frozen 2 came back with even greater musical selections. If you want to hear the powerful songs like Into the Unknown by Idina Menzel and AURORA and The Next Right Thing by Kristen Bell then you should give a watch to the movie. It has one of those soothing and healing soundtracks that you would want to preserve till eternity.

Frozen 2: It is all about answers

In the movie Frozen, we saw that Elsa and Anna’s parents are no more as they lose their lives tragically. In Frozen 2 we got to see the reasons behind their death i.e. the death of Queen Iduna and King Agnarr. The sequel deals with the question that why Elsa has magical powers and past secrets of Queen Iduna.

Frozen 2: Olaf is hilarious

Everyone’s favourite snowman Olaf gets into his role in Frozen 2. And he is just too much of humour in the movie. If you want some good humour then do watch the movie for Olaf one-liners and for the scene where he is re-telling their adventure. Because it is all fantastic. Plus he also has a solo song in the movie named “When I am Older”.



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