The Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Other Updates

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The British historical fiction is coming back with The Last Kingdom season 5. The series takes its inspiration from “The Saxon Stories” by Bernard Cornwell. The show first came out on October 10, 2015. And ever since then it has a huge fan base. Season four came out in April 2020. It was about Uhtred fighting against his opponents to get his home back. Ever since the end of season 4, fans have been waiting for season 5. It seems that Uhtred’s story has more life left in it. Besides, it will be interesting to see how the source material of Bernard Cornwell turns out. So, without much further ado, let us take you through season 5. Here is everything you should know about The Last Kingdom season 5.

The Last Kingdom season 5 Release Date

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The Last kingdom season 5. Image Source: Syfy Wire

There is no official confirmation about season 5 as of now. However, the show normally follows an 18 months production cycle. All the four seasons came out sporadically. Seasons 1 and 2 came out in October 2015 and March 2017 respectively. Both the seasons came out on BBC.

However, the show was then a steal deal for Netflix. The third season lands in November 2018. The fourth season came shortly after in April 2020. However, due to the cut global coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to say when season 5 will arrive. It is also uncertain about the production cycle as well. However, we can expect the show to hit the screens by 2021 at the earliest.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "The Last kingdom season 5"
Alexander Dreymon. Image Source: World Top Trend

Netflix officially confirms the renewal of the show for the fifth season. Nigel Merchant, Carnival Films executive producer makes a statement on this. He says,

“ The Last kingdom makes us really proud. It continues to entertain audiences all around the world. Last season receives such an immense response that we are more than happy to bring season 5. We are excited to give the loyal fanbase a chance to follow Uhtred in his quests”.

As for the cast, we will see major cast members return from season 1. We will see Alexander Dreymon playing Uhtred, Emily Cox playing Birdie. We also have Eva Birthistle playing Hild, Eliza Butterworth playing Aelswith, Jamie Blackley playing Eardwulf. Other members such as Millie Brady, Cavan Clerkin, Stefanie Martini, and Ian hart will return.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Plot

We expect season 5 to continue from where season 4 left. We will see more of Uhtred and his heartbreaks. He is going to move one step closer to his ambition of becoming the greatest warrior. Apart from this Uhtred will also face his greatest enemy and suffer the biggest loss. There is no proper revelation on the plot just yet. So we just have to wait to know anything for sure.

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