Coronavirus Claims their First Prime Financial Hack as the Biggest Smartphone Showcase gets Cancelled Amid Fear

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This is perhaps the first time that a virus strain has endangered the human condition in disrupting the human form and financial form. The latest strain of coronavirus that has emerged from the Wuhan province has created a production stump in the entire region for big-name companies such as Apple and Ikea. While a production stump can be leveled by increasing production at other sites, cancelation of once a year events can definitely put big morale and financial down on the companies that work hard to score a quick profit.

The world’s biggest Mobile conference(MWC) has been canceled over the coronavirus strain as the associated quoted that it has become “impossible” for the event to go ahead and proceed as planned. Some of the biggest names in the game such as BT, Facebook, Nokia, Sony, and Vodafone pulled out of the event beforehand putting a domino effect in place making the event go belly-up.

The event which happens in Barcelona was still canned while Spain’s health Minister, Salvador Illa urged people to stay calm citing that his government still has things under control. Earlier on Wednesday, Mr. Illa said people should “trust in the Spanish health system” and “take decisions based on scientific evidence”.

The event which takes heavy preparations sees an attendance of over 100,000, with 6,000 of the population seeing attendance from China. Thousands of vendors and tech firm makers their attendance at the event displaying the latest tech which in turn boosts the Spanish economy. As the event date grew closer, Amazon, Sony, LG Electronics, Ericsson, Facebook, and chipmakers to the likes of Nvidia and Intel said that they will not be marking their attendance to the event.

Notably, even the telecom group of Orange pulled out despite the fact that their Chief Executive, Stephen Richard heads the chair of the GSM organization.

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