Legendary Footballer Pele has Stuck by Depression and Isolation as Quoted by the Footballers Son

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Old age is inevitable, no matter the person. The legendary forward Pele has become a bit depressed due to his poor health and his inability to walk without help. The following statements were made by his son. In an interview with Brazil’s Globo Esporta, Pele’s son Edinho quoted that the 79-year-old football veteran is now even completely reluctant to leave his house after a couple of complications arose from his hip surgery.

“He is quite fragile,” said Edinho. “He underwent a hip replacement and did not have adequate, ideal rehabilitation. So, he has this mobility problem, which has caused a kind of depression.” “Imagine, he is the king, he was always such an imposing figure, and today he can no longer walk properly,” added Edinho.

The following statements come after Pele was seen in public in a wheelchair and a walking frame. Pele is widely considered as one of the most reputed and greatest scorers in the field of football of all times in his career that has spanned for a period of more than 2 decades.

“He’s embarrassed, he doesn’t want to go out, be seen, or do practically anything that involves leaving the house. He is reclusive. “He can’t walk normally, only with the walker. It improved a little compared to that recent time (when he appeared in a wheelchair), but he still has a lot of difficulty walking.”

Footballers who are often known to be quite swift on their feet, seeing Pele in the current form threw the world of football into an uncontrollable burst of sadness. The former forward spent his time in the field at Club Santos where he scored an incredible 600 goals winning the Copa Libertadores twice and a litany of domestic titles.

The year 2020 also marks as Brazil’s 50th World Cup final win with Pele doing the heavy lifting outplaying Italy for a historic 4-1 win.

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