Cortes Season 1: All The Latest Updates On Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

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The historical mini-series has got a green light from Amazon and it is coming with Cortes Season 1. The mini-series is going to be four hours long. Besides, it is going to star an Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem. He won an Oscar for his impressive acting skills in “No Country for Old Man”. The writer and creator of this series is Steven Zaillian. He will also act as an executive producer alongside Javier Bardem, Daryl Frank, and Justin Falvey. The director of the show will be Ciro Gurrera. The series is currently under development. But here is everything we know about the upcoming Cortes season 1. Keep on reading to find out more.

Cortes Season 1 Release Date

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Cortes season 1. Image Source: Finance Rewind

The mini-series is still under development. Therefore there is no official confirmation on the release date. However, on March 26, 2018, there was an announcement regarding the development of Cortes. Cortes was a movie before, but then Amazon came on board. Amazon orders the redevelopment of the show and wants to release it as a 4 episode long mini-series.

The project first came into being back in 2014. This is when Steven Speilberg saw it as a potential series. He thought it to be a possible directing project. The series finally gets a green light and it will have 4 episodes of 1 hour each. As of now, there is no revelation of the release date but we can expect to get updates soon.


There is no official announcement of the cast members yet. But we can say Javier Bardem will play Hernan Cortes. There was also an announcement in February 2020 that Tenoch Huerta is also in the cast. He will play Moctezuma II, the Aztec emperor.

Apart from them we also have Yoshira Escarrega. He will play Cortes’ strategic partner and consort. We will also have Malintzin/Marina as Cortes’ translator. Also, we have Amir Aldieri playing Tapeia.

Cortes Season 1 Plot

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Cortes season 1"
Javier Bardem along with the creators. Image Source: Deadline

The story revolves around the complicated relationship between Moctezuma II and Hernan Cortes. This screenplay draft was by Dalton Trumbo in 1965. The mini-series intends to follow the same storyline. Cortes will be rebellious and will lead an expedition to the heart fo the Aztec Empire. The expedition will lead the two civilizations to join hands for the first time. This will change the course of history.

The original screenplay is a draft of 205 pages. Zaillian perfects this draft and was originally considered to be retitled as Cortes. But this vision never got the green light. It is, therefore, coming as mini-series on Amazon Prime Video.

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