Djokovic Wins his Eight Australian Open After a Couple of Tight Sets Against Thiem

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Irritated and looking to give up, Novak Djokovic has relentlessly managed to secure his 8th Australian Open title beating his squad of three musketeers respectfully to the ground. Trailing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for most of his career, Djokovic became the first man in the tennis world to win a Grand Slam title in three decades.

Djokovic beat Thiem in an unforgettable four-hour showdown in a match that spanned 6-4 4-6 2-6 6-3 6-4. Djokovic has notably never lost a finale in Melbourne.

“Obviously at this stage of my career, grand slams are the ones I value the most,” said Djokovic. “They are the ones I prioritize. Before the season starts, I try to set my form, shape for these events where I can be at my prime tennis, mental and physical abilities.”

Apart from the impressive sets that Djokovic put on display, the bad boy of tennis also had a run-in with senior chair umpire Damien Dumusois. The apparent showdown went on because of a difference of opinion between the bad boy and the Frenchman owing to a time penalty issue.

Things however turned “physical” as Djokovic touched Dumusois’s shoe while returning to resume play. After taking a seat to perhaps get back in the zone, he told Dumusois, “Great job man. You made yourself famous, Well done.”

Djokovic is often known for his quips on and off the field. Credit to Dumusois as he did not choose to further penalize Djokovic for making contact with him, ensuring things didn’t escalate.

“I thought that the second violation was not necessary,” said Djokovic. “The first one, fine, no problem. The second one, it’s just not necessary under the circumstances for an experienced chair umpire. I thought probably he could have reacted a little bit better in that situation.”

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