His Dark Materials Season 2: All Latest Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

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The fantasy drama TV show is coming with His Dark Materials season 2. Ever since the end of the second season, fans knew season 3 is inevitable. The streamers HBO and BBC announce that the show will air this autumn. The show s a receiver of much love and appreciation and has a huge fan base. Fans are eagerly waiting for the third season to come. However, there have been some mixed reviews for the show. The show has also seen a decline in the views in recent times. However, the two networks still feel the need to go ahead with a second season. This decision practically means that the shooting has already been done.  Therefore here is everything you need to know about His Dark Materials season 2. Keep on reading to find out more.

His Dark Materials Season 2 Release Date

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His Dark Materials season 2. Image Source: Finance Rewind

The filming for the second season is already done. So we can expect the show to air soon. It was scheduled to release this autumn. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic everywhere, things are currently on hold. As per the BBC, the show will make its return in November 2020. The exact date is not known as of yet. But we can expect it to hit us at the same time as the first season.

The show takes its inspiration from the novel series of Phillip Pullman. Jack Thorne is the writer for the second season, and we cant wait to see what it holds. The filming was done even before the premiere of season 1. So keeping the present situation in mind, it looks very promising. Jane Tranter, the executive producer, says,

“ We are continuing the post-production with characteristic intensity and energy. But it all depends on BlueJeans. However, rest assured, season 2 will air by the end of the year.”


Rich search results on Google when searched for "His Dark Materials season 2"
The Cast. Image Source: Herald Journalism

We can see most of the familiar faces in season 2 as well. As per sources, most of the cast from season 1 will be reprising their role in this season. We will see Dafne Keene coming back as Lyra Balacqua, Clarke Peters will reprise his role as the Master. Ruth Wilson will play Marissa Coulter, James Cosmo will play Farder Coram. We will also see James McAvoy play Lord Asriel, Ariyon Bakare will reprise his role of Lord Boreal.

Apart from these, we also have Lin-Manuel Miranda coming back as Lee Scoresby. We have news that Andrew Scott will join in the second season. He will play Colonel John Parry. There might be other new additions as well. But we will just have to wait to find that out.

His Dark Materials Season 2 Plot

We expect season 2 to take off from where season 1 left. Season 2 will base itself on “The Subtle Knife”. This is Pullman’s second book in the original trilogy. Season 1 already makes the storyline clear. So we can expect a lot of new surprises in season 2 as well. The story revolves around a parallel world. It is pre-industrial and involves daemons. They actually have an animal representation of their soul. As per the writer, this season is going to be all about trust.

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