The Entire Oil Industry is Torn Between the World’s Biggest Child Activist and the POTUS

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The entire world of oil industry seems to be divided between Greta Thunberg (Currently the titleholder for the world’s child activist) and the President of the United States of America. Thunberg came to immense limelight with her speech often quoted as “How dare you?” in which the 17-year-old addressed the leaders of the world in an appeal to reduce their carbon footprints. Thunberg was even featured on the cover of Time Magazine and was even nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

The apparent throwdown between the two mammoths came to a new spotlight at the World Economic Forum at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where the major oil players and conglomerates, have held lots of closed doors meets to discuss their future endeavors. While the major climate activists, led by Greta (According to us) have called for all fossil fuel productions to be stopped immediately stating global catastrophe, U.S President Donald Trump has taken a stance of “prophets of doom” against the activists and is often hailed as quoting the huge economic importance of oil of gas.

“It feels like we are at the epicenter of this debate. We sit right there between energy needs and climate change,” said Al Cook, executive vice-president of Norway’s energy giant Equinor.
“If you listen to Davos speeches, you’ve got some people who say only economic growth and energy-matter. Others ask to stop oil and gas immediately. We need to find a way to balance this but the challenge is that you cannot always be popular with either side,” Cook further quotes.

While Greta’s speeches and her impact has had certain successes, President Trump has often advocated a side pointing towards increased usage of oil and gas production and has even exiled his country from the Paris Climate. While this war may be raged on for quite some time, no clear winner has emerged.

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