Dues To Postal Crisis States Are Looking For Alternatives To Mail-In Ballots System

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In Pennsylvania, the mail-in ballot boxes first came into being in June. However, Donald Trump is running a campaign. This is to sue them this November. Besides, due to the postal crisis, there have been delays in the mail-in ballots. This is making the elections officials rethink their voting strategies. Some states are also thinking about alternatives. They are finding it for ballot boxes, in-person voting, and drive through drop-offs. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government should opt for a more situation friendly option.

Postal Crisis Due To Poor Decision

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Postal Crisis"
Mail boxes are shut down on the streets. Image Source: The New York Times

The election of 2020 was the greatest experiment with the mail-in voting system. However, the cost-cutting of the Postal Service by Trump has shaken both the citizens and officials. The voters got their confidence shaken with this decision. The removal of sorting machines, mailboxes shut or uprooted on the streets, and piling up of mail packages are making the people angry. The delay and changes in Postal services also spark worry.

However, the Postal Service says that they have enough capability to still process the mail-in ballots. But what we fear is that the psychological damage is done already. The Washington Democrats are fighting for the restoration of the postal services. They are arguing about revising the funding. And there is also a Plan B the officials should be looking for.

The Rising concern

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Postal crisis"
Piling up of mail packages. Image Source: INDIANFLIPBOARD

Katie Hobbs, a Democrat and the secretary of Arizona State expresses her concern. She says

“ The office has been flooded with calls this past week. I have a concern about our voters. Like any other campaign, it is undermining the confidence of the voters in our process”.

On Monday there was planning about the reverse of cost-cutting measures. The Democrats argue that the Postal Services should revise their policies. And it should pump a cost of $25 billion. An alling agency will receive the funds in case of emergencies. However, it is still not sure of the state will follow this despite the opposition from the President.

However, the Republicans running for re-election are clearly feeling the heat. They are not afraid of the Washington Democrats but the angry constituents. In 2020, the newest front will be the dropbox. In this process, the voters can return their mail-in ballots without fearing the coronavirus or Postal services. When voters deposit their ballots into these boxes, the election officials will collect them. After collection, they will bring it up for tabulation to the polling places.

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