DC Universe: HBO Max Is Going To Be The New Streaming Platform For All The Original TV Shows

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Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, the Chief Creative Officer of DC has different plans. Jim Lee, who is also the publisher for the DC series, has his plans for the upcoming DC shows. However, the whole DC universe has several shows inline currently. For the shows of DC Universe, HBO Max is going to be the new streamer. All shows starting from Harley Quinn to Titans will move to HBO Max in the future.

DC Universe: HBO Max Provides More Original Content

Rich search results on Google when searched for "DC Universe: HBO Max"
All Dc shows coming to HBO max. Image Source: Amino Apps

In 2018, DC launched its first online platform. Besides, all the DC fans will have access to all the shows in one single location. The online platform has a wide variety of Digital comics, DC movies, and shows. However, fans were looking and waiting for more original content. Titans saw its first release on this platform just after it came into being. Other shows such as Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Young Justice, and Harley Quinn follow.

Even though the DC Universe did deliver some original content on its digital platform, its existence came into question. When HBO Max by Warner Bros. came into the picture, it game DC Universe a bigger platform. They can now house more exclusive and original content. Besides, with the launch of HBO Max, DC Universe release Doom Patrol Season 2. It quickly moves from the DC Universe to an HBO Max original. This move makes the fans wonder if all the shows will follow the same path.

The Plans Of The Creators Of DC Universe

Rich search results on Google when searched for "DC Universe: HBO Max"
HBO Max, the new home for DC shows. Image Source: Cord Cutters News

In an interview with Jim Lee, he mentions the massive restructuring of the streamer. He says that WarnerMedia emphasizes on the importance of HBO Max. Lee reveals that the platform will be a retool for all the existing DC shows. The whole of DC Universe will make a move to HBO Max in no time.

Jim Lee said,

“The original content of the DCU will be migrating to HBO Max. Honestly, it is the best platform for our content. The amount of content that is available, not only from DC but also from WarnerMedia is huge. If I use the marketing term, it is the best value for proportion. We feel we are in the right place”.

It is not surprising to know about the move of DC shows to HBO Max. Besides, it was quite evident on social media. Lee did not provide any specific timetable for the movement. However, keeping the current situation in mind, they still have a lot of time to figure that out.

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