Tesla Inc. App’s two factor authentication “going through final validation”

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Tesla Inc. is an American Vehicle manufacturing company in Palo Alto, California. Its mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable company. Its CEO is Elon Musk. The cars are unique and their all-electric power-train delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions. The company designs, develops and manufactures fully electric vehicles as well as installs and maintains energy storage products.

Last year, Elon Musk announced that the company will introduce two factory authentication (2FA). The company is yet to bring it into the world and Musk recently revealed that it’s finally close to happening.

What will be the app’s 2FA?

Tesla app to get two factor authentication
Source: Tesla

The company’s automobile company will have two factor verification process which will get enabled through SMS based and app based authentication.The latter is comparatively secure, since SMS frauds are prevalent and imposters can use it in an ill manner. The SIM cards can get spoofed and the verification numbers sent via text can be read. The SMS one is the approach that some websites adopt, so Tesla opted for an authenticator. It appears that the users will have the choice between SMS and app based authentication.

The CEO announced on Twitter following the tweets of his customers inquiring about the status of the authentication.

Tesla to get two factor authentication, said Elon Musk
Tesla CEO, Elon Musk–Source: WardsAuto

The company’s Tesla App offers viable functionality to the drivers. It grants them entry to their vehicles and enables battery charging. The app previously let the user lock and unlock the doors, trunk and frunk, locate the vehicle and schedule service, among other features.

Reason for Tesla App authentication preparation

Last year in May, Musk mentioned the two factor authentication launch for Tesla’s customers. The step resulted after Twitter Inc’s platform got hijacked affecting several celebrities including Musk himself. Cybersecurity experts advised two-factor verification method to be a part of Tesla App. This will give extra layer of protection to the customers’ privacy and will prevent identity theft. The two step verification will verify whether it’s a real account holder logging in the car or any imposter/hacker.

This foundational upgrade to the operating system will secure the vehicle further. Tesla Inc. vehicles are generally theft free with always-on GPS feature and PIN code entry. Though Musk did not mention how long this final approval will take. But, considering the verification is in the stage of final validation, we can assume that the verification will come sooner than we know.

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