The Greatest Boy Bands Of All Time

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There are millions of boy bands in the history of music. Be it in pop music, in country music, in rock, in Punk rock, you name it, we have bands in every genre. Some bands just happen to stand out than the rest. Those bands make their mark on the fans, their career, and in the records. Which are the best boy bands? Have you ever wondered? The following bands are extraordinary in our opinion.

The Beatles

the beatles greatest boy bands
Abbey Road song

When you think of rock music, what comes to your mind? Is it cool clothes? Cool tattoos? Or maybe rocking cool hairstyles? For us, it’s all. Music comes from the greatest creators of all time and if there happens to be a legendary group, we stand to give them all the credit they deserve.

Who knew a group of four boys from Liverpool will win the best-selling music act of all time. The teenagers formed the band in 1960. They did everything that their young hearts ever dreamt of. They dined with Elvis Presley. Their song ‘Yesterday’ became the most covered song in history, recording 2,500 versions. They also explored their spirituality when they went to Rishikesh in India in 1968 for a three-month course in meditation.

The Beatles performed their first final performance nine years after their debut. They released their number one single ‘Come Together’ in 1969 but broke up after four months. That seems a little paradoxical. They made a song of coming together but broke up themselves. Even after the split, they were remembered as they got inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. They live in our hearts to this day, making their position at number one, where they rightfully deserve.

Backstreet Boys

backsstreet boys the greatest boy bands of all time
Source: Billboard

The 90s was the era never to forget. We saw the rise of Michael Jordan’s coolest sneakers which were fly. But, it was also the era when it saw the explosion of boy bands in the US. However, there was no group like Backstreet Boys. Their titular albums ‘Backstreet Boys’ and ‘Backstreet’s Back’ were prominent in their career.  The most popular album ‘Millenium’ is one of the greatest selling albums of all time which sold 24 million copies worldwide.

Their total career’s sales amount to roughly a hundred million copies. Be it their oversized, jewel-tones suits, or baggy apparel, the band is one of the best-dressed bands till today. One of their shows at Georgia Dome was the third-highest attendant concert ever in the United States.

One Direction

One direction the greatest boy band of all time
Source: Billboard

One direction comprises of some good-looking and talented boys. They are the fastest-growing band of all time, becoming a household name not only in the UK bot all over the world. Even after the split, the fans are still hoping that will be some miracle which will give them back their 1D. One Direction sold 35 to 50 million total records. They had very successful four world tours. 1D won seven AMA’s, six Billboard Music Awards, five Billboard Touring Awards and four MTV VMA’s. They are easily our daily dose of British music, that we look forward to their music every single day.

BTS: The New Famous

Last but not the least, the greatest emerging band is South-Korean BTS. It’s only seven years of BTS being out in the world. The ‘Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2’ became the first BTS album to reach the Billboard chart. ‘Map of the soul: 7’ became the most pre-ordered South-Korean album of all time. They are talented but also extremely sweet. The ARMY loves them for who they are and how they treat their fans. This is what will take them long on their journey. They won their first Daesang-Best Album of the Year 2016. You can view their reaction here.

These recent years were amazing with them and it looks like the coming years are going to be theirs too. How do you like this list of the best boy bands? Let us know.

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