Athletes Respond to NCAA’s Announcement to Let College Players Receive Pay

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College athletes to get paid when their name, image or likeness is used.

Recently, the NCAA announced that players can now be paid when others use their image, name or likeness. The three divisions of the governing body of college sports will draw up the rules in such cases. The move was announced on Tuesday and marks the start of a new era for student-athletes who are viewed as amateurs.

The news was taken in a positive light by many people. NBA superstar LeBron James took to Twitter to express his joy after the news broke. He thanked all the parties that fought for it to become possible even though he skipped playing as a student in college. Other people were happy about the news but emphasized the need to do more towards the cause. Maverick Carter who is a partner to James at Uninterrupted, an athlete empowerment brand says there is more to be done. He applauded the NCAA and promised to work with anyone who believes athletes deserve to profit from their hard work and talent.

Other sportsmen didn’t take the news positively. One of such is Jeremy Bloom, a former Olympic skier. Bloom had been in a battle with the NCAA for a right to play football for the Colorado Buffalos in the 2000s. he was quite skeptical about the decision by the governing body.

Bloom wrote about the language used by the NCAA in the news release announcing the move. There, it mentions that athletes can benefit but there is a clause stating that it must be consistent with the collegiate model. This statement pushed Bloom to question the motives of the governing body. The athlete was ruled ineligible to play in his final 2 football seasons because he accepted an endorsement for skiing. He warned vehemently “don’t buy the hype”

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