Xiaomi, Oppo, And Other Chinese Firms Are Battling Import Hurdles In India

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Ever since the ban on Chinese apps and Chinese goods, the Chinese firms are battling import hurdles. Firms like Oppo and Xiaomi are facing trouble getting approvals from India. Besides, the quality control agency of India is delaying its approval for goods. This has become severe after the dispute in the Himalayan borders. Although Oppo and Xiaomi assemble their models in India, they import some of their parts from China. So here we have everything you should know about the import hurdles. Keep on reading to find out more.

Chinese Firms Are Battling Import Hurdles

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Chinese firms are battling import hurdles"
Xiaomi and Oppo are facing trouble in India. Image Source: TechNode

The government of India bans the use of Chinese apps and goods following the incident in June. 20 Indian soldiers were brutally killed in the border clash this June. Ever since then, the government of India follows the order of Narendra Modi and runs greater scrutiny on Chinese goods.

The Bureau of Indian Standards delays numerous television and mobile phone components in recent weeks. This delay is jeopardizing businesses of companies like Oppo and Xiaomi. Sources of both China and India confirms this. However, Pramod Kumar Tiwari, the director-general, did not respond to any of these comments.

Besides, the foreign ministry and commerce ministry of China also did not respond immediately. Oppo and Xiaomi as well, did not bother to comment. The border disputes between India and China has hurt the economy of the giants pretty bad. Besides, the Indian officials expect the damage to be furthermore. Chinese officials comment that their relationship has been drastically sour. They are not able to do business as usual. Indian officials, however, did not pay any heed and did not care to comment.

Pending Approvals

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Chinese firms are battling Import hurdles"
Tensions rise between India and China. Image Source: Kashmir Glacier

Almost 643 applications are pending for approval. A government official mentions that India has been working on a new standard policy. This deals with targeting products of low-quality from China and everywhere else. The announcement about the policy is to be done by the end of August. Narendra Modi also starts a campaign known as “self-reliant India”. This is to boycott any Chinese goods and promote Indian and domestic produce.

As per the sources of the Indian industry, these deliberations hamper the Chinese market greatly. Even famous Chinese mobile brands are facing restrictions in India. All the Chinese companies who were wishing to increase their sales in India are waiting for approvals. Chinese mobiles account for 8 out of every ten mobile phones in the Indian market.

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