Time to Upgrade Your Windows Desktop to Windows 10 – Read to find out why?

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For reasons unknown to mortals, support for Windows 7 will be thawed completely in the following week. If you ever had a chance to upgrade your Windows to the latest version, now might be the time to do so. After almost 10 years, Microsoft will stop uploading support patches for Windows 7, while support for the Windows 8 is extended till January 2023.

While stopping support for Windows 7 has invited backlash from loyal users with many users citing preferring the interface of the older OS over Windows 10. However, on a more technical note, glance over the following reasons that you will require to update your OS over the following weekend.

Security: The main reason for upgrading to Windows 10 will be the plethora of constant security patches that the OS comes equipped with. Windows 10 also comes with a built-in Windows Defender Antivirus to protect against malware and spyware across a variety of applications such as email, apps, the cloud, and the in-built browser.

Automatic Updates: Unlike the previous versions of Windows 10, the latest software patch for OS 10 will offer automatic updates OTA constantly with the option to turn the updates on and off manually.

User-Friendly Experience: While this might be a purely subjective overview, Windows 10 has often said to have an enriched user-friendly experience than the previous OS systems. One such innovation can be touted as the Your Phone app which allows you to access texts, notifications and applications on your phone using your desktop. Microsoft’s Cortana will also be available on the latest version of Windows in a finely tuned manner, while the OS will also behave in a refined manner with the Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud tools.

While Microsoft has technically ended their free grab for updating your desktops to Windows 10, several reports suggest that the feature will be available for a limited amount of time before the final toll of the bell.

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