The Orville Season 3: Seth MacFarlane is up with his first TV Show?

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The Orville inspired by Star Trek and the starship named USS Orville is coming back with its third season. Seth MacFarlane created the fantastic show, and interestingly he is also the part of the cast members of the series. The Hulu web series has made everyone excited for its upcoming season after MacFarlane announced the renewal.

Seth MacFarlane, known for his role of Captain Ed Mercer, worked hard on the series in recent years, although the third season of the show is still on hold due to the ongoing pandemic around the world. The release of it is still not confirmed. But, the news brewing up is Seth MacFarlane is already a part of a new project which is entirely unexpected but still fantastic.

We are here to tell you everything about it and about the new show which MacFarlane is going to be part of.

The Orville Season 3: What is the new project?

The Orville

First thing first, the new project is not set in outer space. MacFarlane is a part of a project which is on board for an adaptation of two books into one show named “The Winds of War”. From the name itself, we can guess that the show is going to be something new and different. It is going to be a limited series based on author Herman Wouk’s; “The Winds of War,” published in 1971 and “War and Remembrance,” published in 1978.

The project is going to tell us the tale of an American family and about their journey across the continent during the bloody and dangerous era of World War II.

The Orville Season 3: What is the role of Seth MacFarlane in it?

Well, Seth MacFarlane is going to be the executive producer as well as a co-writer of the script for the series. It is his first project under the $200 million deal; that took him from his long-time home at 20th Century TV to NBCUniversal. For this limited series, he is going to pair up with Seth Fisher. He is also going to be the co-writer and executive producer of the series, along with Erica Huggins, who is the president of MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door production company.

We have to wait for long for the “The Winds of War” as MacFarlane’s Orville season 3 is still not finished its production.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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