Westworld Season 4: What is brewing inside? Release Not Happening Soon.

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Westworld is a dystopian show produced by HBO and created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The show was a major hit for the HBO just like its other shows including Games of Thrones and True Detective. Based upon a film of 1973 with the same name, this show gained a huge fan base. With all the appreciations and good reviews and after being the most-watched HBO original series; managed to bag the 9 Prime Time Emmy Awards out of 43 nominations.

Season three of the show ended with lots of confusions for then viewers.  Basically, it left the viewers with more questions than answers. Because of all those questions still hanging will all the fans they are eagerly waiting for the fourth season to come out to get their answers. So, what is going to happen inside this time? Well, we are here to cure your eagerness a bit.

Westworld Season 4: What is brewing inside?


Everyone is confused about the return of the show. We all are in the wonder mode wondering if the show will continue to focus on the real world or it will be the other way around. Well, it is still a cliff-hanger. But, we can use our guessing powers and can guess that the show is going to take a completely unexpected turn to a different direction.

What is the base of this guess? Jonathan Nolan said in an interview that the showrunners’ intentions are always to “reinvent itself every season”. He also quoted that the show has a plan and that they have stuck with the plan through the process. Said this he pushed away all the arguments that suggested that Westworld is striving something that is not in their original design.

We are again going to get into an interesting and adventurous journey in the upcoming fourth season. Well for now let’s wait and watch.

Westworld Season 4: How many episodes would be there?

We know that the previous two i.e. the first and the second season of the show had 10 episodes each. But, the third season had only eight episodes in total.

The series is going through a lot of renovations and reworked genres so saying something for sure is not possible for now. We need to wait a little more.

Stay Tuned for further updates!

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