Poldark Season 6: Will There Be Another Sequel? The Cast, Plot, Twists And More!

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The famous British Thriller might come back with Poldark Season 6. The historical drama takes inspiration from the novel by Winston Graham. The novel also has the same name as the series. Ever since the end of the fifth season, fans are highly anticipating the sixth season. Since season 5 left us on a cliffhanger, we are hoping to get some answers in season 6. Masterpiece and Mammoth Screen productions, the sixth season for the series is still an uncertainty. But here is everything you need to know about the show. So, keep on reading to find out more.

Poldark Season 6: Is It Happening?

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Poldark season 6 still uncertain. Image Source: KCET

Poldark first came out on March 8, 2015. The streamers were BBC One and BBC One HD. The creator Debbie Horsfield along with the editor Robbie Hill came up with this fantastic series. The series originates from the United Kingdom, and it revolves around love and historical masterpieces. To date, the show has 43 episodes in total.

Now coming back to the release date. It is heartbreaking for the fans to know that the series had a plan for five seasons only. So, whether or not it will come up with the sixth season is questionable. The idea was to complete as many books as possible. And now that they have reached the thriller, they are glad. It is a compelling thriller to watch.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "Poldark season 6"
The cast. Image Source: The Culture Concept Circle

The series is a historical drama. Keeping this in mind, the star cast is enormous. We have Aidan Turner, Christian Brassington, Elanor Tomlinson, and Elise chapel as the main cast. There are other characters as well who mark their presence in the show. This includes John Nettles, Jack Farthing, Ruby Bentall, Sean Gilder, and Luke Norris.

Other members include Heida Reed, Pip Torrens, Beatie Ednie, Caroline Blackinton. Warren Clarke, Kyle Soller, Gabriella Wilde, Harry Richardson, Phil Davis, Josh Whitehouse. Peter Sullivan, Tim Dutton, Vincent Regan, Tom York, and Kerry McLean are also a part.

Poldark Season 6 Plot Twists

We did mention that the story is the adaptation of a novel. And that the creators have made their way to thriller. It took them five seasons to reach the climax. However, adaptation is not complete. So keeping this in mind, the show must proceed with other seasons to make it perfect. The novel has a total of 12 books. So we can expect some more seasons to come up for the completion of the novel and reach the ending. Guess we will just have to wait to find that out.

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