New Zealand Rescue Efforts Remains Dangerous For Rescue Teams, Officials Claim

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On Wednesday, attempt to recover victims of New Zealand volcano were delayed, with an expert stating that there was a likelihood of another eruption in a period of around 24 hours. According to officials, the conditions still remain dangerous, especially to rescue teams attempting to recover the bodies of those who perished in White Island volcanic eruption.

Graham Leonard, a volcanologist, in a news conference asserted that chances of another eruption happening within a period of 24 hours stands between 40 and 60%, and that anybody attempting to reach the site would find breathing troublesome.

Even though dozens of victims were able to be rescued immediately after the eruptions on Monday, it was later confirmed by the authorities that close to eight people are still on the island and feared dead. While the New Zealand police would not explain the discrepancy, they released names of nine people who were officially considered missing. Two are from New Zealand while the rest are Australians.

While the Deputy Commissioner of New Zealand police expressed is frustration arguing that efforts to discover the bodies had been delayed, he later argued that such was not the liking of rescue crews as toxic fumes could pose as a hazard to rescue officials.

But again, the family members of those who perished were on Monday left wondering as to why tours haven’t been prohibited despite some warnings that other eruptions are imminent. Before this deadliest incident, there had been one that happened in 1914 claiming the lives of 10 miners.

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