Chrome to warn you if your password has been compromised as soon as you type it in

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We live in an era where our private data and information can easily fall into the hands of people with ill motives. But such is about to end with Google announcing that Chrome will make it easier for users to clean their up their compromised credential as soon as they discover them.

In just a few weeks, Chrome will roll out a feature that will enable its users know within the shortest time possible with a pop if they get to enter a compromised password. Additionally, Chrome will prompt them to immediately change their passwords everywhere they use it.

Apart from prompting users to act almost immediately and deal with the problem, Chrome will also be adding other real-time phishing protection mechanisms in a bid to make the information of their users even more secure. If you are not using a password manager, then its time you thought of doing so as your information and private data is highly at risk.

Chrome understands that a lot of people aren’t aware of essential features such as two-factor authentication, with a majority of them going ahead to use logins that have already been compromised in some way.

But all the above will end in just a few weeks to come. Chrome is promising all its users that they will receive real-time warnings and information as to whether their accounts have been compromised by attackers with ill intentions.

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