Legend of The Blue Sea Season 2: Here’s What You Need To Know

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The Legend Of The Blue Sea ended 20 episodes in January with a fairy tale of Lee Min Ho ‘s hero, Heo Joon Jae, and his mermaid lover, Shim Cheong, played by Jun JI Hyun. It even pointed at a baby on the way to a couple onscreen.

This is a South Korean television series written by Park Ji-Eun and directed by Jin-hyuk and Park Seon-ho. This is influenced by the classic Joseon legend of Korea’s first series of official historical tales. This tells the story of a con-artist who meets a mermaid who travels through the oceans to be with him.

There are two different storylines in the show. One is based in the Joseon period, and the other is in the present era, exploring love over time in the form of reincarnations. Despite the popularity of ‘Legend of the Blue Seasons’ Season 1, everyone asked if Season 2 was going to happen.

Legends of The Blue Sea Season 2 Release Date

We all remember that the first season of this series was launched in November 2016. The season itself was made up of 20 episodes. The show has come to an end. The season itself has been a hit. As a result of the adorable and exciting storyline and characters, the show had a huge fan base and earned a great deal of popularity.

And since the 2017 season, the fans have been waiting to get Season 2. It’s been three decades since the season, though. The producers have not made any announcement as of the moment. This caused quite a stir. There are a lot of reports that Season 1 was the explanation for the revival. However, the vast majority of these fans are opposed to this idea.

Whether it’s coming or not for the brand-new Season 2, whether the show concluded when the producers chose to crack their silence, we’ll only begin to learn. There is no public announcement about the revival of season 2, so we can’t guess if it will be renewed. And, before we can all do that, it’s hard to get hardly some updates about the show.

According to sources, the show’s second season is bound to launch by 2022.


When there is a season two, two main characters will return. The highlights of the show!

The series stars Jun Ji Hyun and Les Min-ho, who are outstanding in their roles as leads of the film.


Two parallel storylines are being spoken about throughout the season. Another is based on the Joseon era and centers around the mermaid and the life of Kim Dam Ryeong. One depends on Shim Cheong and Joon Jae, the reincarnations of Kim Dam, and Se Hwa. They ‘re sharing passion all the time.

As there is no Season 2 comment, little may be known about the storyline. But if there’s another season, it’ll be fair to say it’s going to be a follow-up to the previous season.

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