Sacred Games Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

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Is Sacred Games Season 3 happening? This is the question everyone’s lips these days. Fans were highly anticipating the arrival of season 3 for a long time now. This Indian web series is a Netflix Original. Besides, it garners a lot of attention and love nationwide. The last season of this series left us with a lot of secrets. Keeping this in mind, season 3 was inevitable. However, the makers are aware of how to keep their audience hooked. So here are all the latest updates you should know about your favorite series. Stay tuned for more secrets to reveal.

Sacred Games season 3 Release Date

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Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh. Image Source: Finance Rewind

Season 2 came out in November 2019. And if we follow the system of the makers, then they wait a long time before they decide to release another season. So we can expect any news not sooner than November. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic worldwide, the production is currently on hold.

There have been disrupting in several projects of the entertainment industry. Sacred Games season 3 is one of them. Therefore if we have to assume a release date for the third season, it is not going to be sooner than 2021. It will be available on Netflix.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "Sacred Games season 3"
The Cast. Image Source: World Top Trend

Sacred Games season 3 still has to get the green light from the streamer. However, if we are to expect a third of the series, then we can see some familiar faces. We can see Saif Ali Khan playing Sartaj Singh, Nawazuddin Siddique, playing Ganesh Gaitonde. We will also see Ranvir Shorey as Shahid Khan.

Apart from these, we will also see Kalki Koechlin playing Batya Ableman. Also, Harshita Gaur will play Mary Mascarenas. We might see some new faces, but nothing is certain as of now. However, there was also news about Gully Bit fame Vijay Verma. He says, “ I was finalized for a significant role by Mukesh Chabra and Netflix. However, Anurag Kashyap changed his mind the last minute”.

Sacred Games Season 3 Plot

The second season leaves the door open for numerous possibilities. The story revolves around Sartaj Singh, who needs to defuse a bomb. To do so, he comes in contact with his father and discovers Gaitonde’s book. It all depends on finding the pattern whether or not Mumbai will survive.

The second season leaves us on a cliffhanger where Sartaj Singh has only three attempts to diffuse the bomb. In his third attempt, the screen turns black, and the season ends. This left the viewers racking their brains out and waiting for season 3. Therefore we can expect season 3 to begin from where season 2 left us.

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