The Last Dance Season 2: Release Date & What To Expect!

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The Last Dance is an American sports drama mini-series co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix. The film is applause-worthy documentation of Michael Jordan ‘s life, which focuses primarily on his final season with the Chicago Bulls.

The Last Dance has proven that you don’t need to indulge in a specific sport to be completely swept up in a riveting story.  The 10-part series chronicles the life of Michael Jordan, his meteoric rise to fame, and the legendary time of the Chicago Bulls. Since Jordan is a giant, not only in the basketball community but in sports in general, his success story has drawn a wide variety of viewers.

We’ve seen the frustration of the Bulls, some of their toughest challenges, like the Detroit Pistons, Michael’s moment of stardom, and worldwide acceptance with the Nike Jordans. At last, the titular final Dance when his period with the Bulls came to an end. Curious to find out if there’s more to the story that could happen in Season 2 of ‘The Last Dance?’ Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Release Date

Last Dance aired for the first time on Television on the ESPN channel from 19 April to 17 May 2020 in the United States. Directed by Jason Hehir “The Last Dance” screening on Netflix the day after its broadcast in the US, the viewers and reviewers have unanimously applauded the show for pacing and editing.

The show also includes rare videos of the players and all the exposure to the bulls, as well as interviews with other prominent celebrities such as Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and Phil Jackson.

The first season could not have been completed because detailed interviews could not be performed due to travel constraints. And, indeed, ‘The Last Dance’ episode 11 may never be published. Does that mean there’s going to be ‘The Last Dance’ season 2?

For the time being, ESPN has made no announcements. But it’s not impossible to picture the series having another one with the leftover videos and any extra interviews. And if at all, another season is going to launch, we expect ‘The Last Dance’ Season 2 to be announced sometime in 2021.

What Will Happen in Season 2?

The Last Dance featured

‘The Last Dance’ Season 2 could well have been about Bryant and his time with the LA Lakers. Like Jordan, Kobe was highly committed to his colleagues and remained there for 20 years. In fact, like Jordan, Kobe even had a news crew trailing him in the final season to film the club ‘s story that helped him achieve international fame. Therefore, the archival documentation still exists and may be seen in the new season.

Magic Johnson spoke of the inevitability of the Kobe documentary, saying that the unprecedented exposure of the camera crew would give us a thorough look at the personal and professional life of the late basketball player. So, in the coming season, we might hope to see another riveting story.

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