Scissor Seven Season 3: Will Netflix Renew it ? Release Date and All We Know

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‘Scissor Seven’ is a Chinese comedy anime that embraces a pure, hand-drawn animation style. Mostly to the uninitiated, it may initially seem a little offbeat and uninteresting. But if you continue watching, you’ll be shocked to see how enjoyable and tempting it can be. Aside from its amusing punchlines and pop culture references, ‘Scissor Seven’ also has the most imaginative battle sequences that are enjoyable to gawp.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, hurry right over to Netflix. If you’ve already watched the first two seasons, and you’re patiently waiting for season 3, here’s what you need to know about its renewal status.

Scissor Seven Release Date

Just five months have passed between the first and second seasons of Scissor Seven on Netflix, and many viewers are anticipating a third by the end of 2020. Though, we can note that the first season of the series had already been created in China when Netflix formally released the series, allowing them more time to focus on the second season.

Fans were awaiting an update from Netflix. Nevertheless, Netflix is just the worldwide streamer of the series and has no choice in its renewal. Although considering that the platform provided most of the viewership to the series, it may take part in some decisions related to the future of Scissor Seven.

Given that much of the universe is already shut down, we should (realistically) predict the third season to fall early in 2021.


All the main characters are expected to be seen in Season 3. They include:

  • Seven – Ronny Chieng
  • Dai Bo – Jas Patrick
  • Audience – Jake Green and Greg Chun
  • Da Fei – Aleks Le
  • Chairman Jiang – Karen Huie
  • Meow – Jill Bartlett

Expected Plot

The plot of this famous anime is based on its titular character, who suffers from amnesia and tries to regain his memories. Seven wants to become a hitman to be able to afford a costly surgical treatment. His inability to kill, however, makes the task at the same time difficult and comical. In the meantime, a number of mysteries from his past life keep popping up that set the perfect plot for a Wuxia Series.

Okay, this incredible plot is distinct from any other series in its kind. The show is entirely unpredictable and special, making it impossible for viewers to imagine what comes next. The Season 2 Episode, though, sets a surprising story for Scissor Seven Season 3. Our main character must embark on a new quest to destroy the chief of the killer league. Seven and Thirteen will be leaving Chicken Island in the next chapter. However, the job isn’t going to be straightforward, as the top killers will stand in his path.

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