Bard of Blood Season 2: Is it Cancelled ? Release Date, Cast, and Plot

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Bard of Blood Season 2 is unconfirmed yet, officially. But, if your curiosity is getting the best of you, read this article.

Bard of Blood is an Indian action espionage web television series on Netflix. It is based on the titular novel by Bilal Siddiqi. The series premiered on September 27, 2019. The first season had seven episodes with each episode named after William Shakespeare’s dialogue in his books. This gave a touch of literary entertainment fusion to the right the wrong.

The series revolves around a former Indian Intelligence Wing (IIW), Kabir Anand. He left the IIW after his friend died. He then became a literature teacher. However, he has to go back to his previous work when service director Sadiq Sheikh calls him to rescue four Intelligence officers captured by the Taliban in Quetta. When Kabir finally went to say yes, he finds that Sadiq is dead. He then proceeds to go to his funeral and meets Isha Khanna. She then tells him the details about their mission in Balochistan, which includes him, Isha, and an agent named Veer Singh. They face a lot of hurdles to save the officers from decapitation.

bard of blood season 2
Isha Khanna(left), Kabir Anand(top) and Veer Singh(bottom)

Bard of Blood Season 2 plot

The ending of the first season was thrilling and awe-striking. Throughout the season, we see Kabir feeling the guilt of not saving his friend, Vikramjit. The unsanctioned plan also meets various hurdles that are posed by their own home country, be it by RAW or by Arun. As the season proceeded, the agents were able to rescue three of the captured officers. Kabir then gets a call, the caller revealing that he killed Sadiq Sheikh. When Kabir goes to confront the man, he meets none other than his ‘dead’ friend Vikramjeet. Talk about an epic ending.

In Bard of Blood Season 2, we can uncover more about Vikramjit and how he is alive. Maybe, he has never worked with Kabir and was never his friend. That is something we will see in the second season.

There will surely a script to be written for Bard of Blood Season 2 because the book was a single edition. In the first season, the book was used. Showrunner Ribhu Dasgupta said, “About 90 percent of the book has been retained.” So, the second season’s plot will have a new wave.

bard of blood season 2 vikramjit
Vikramjit–Source: Quora

Release Date

The first season’s announcement came in 2017, two years before its premiere.

So, we hope that we will get an announcement by Netflix or Red Chillies Entertainment by this year’s end. Following the previous pattern, we can expect Bard of Blood Season 2 to premiere in 2022.

The cast of Bard of Blood Season 2

We will see the main cast of the first season again.

  • Emraan Hashmi as Kabir Anand/Adonis
  • Vineet Kumar Singh as Veer Singh
  • Sobhita Dhulipala as Isha Khanna
  • Shishir Sharma as Arun Joshi
  • Sohum Shah as Vikramjit

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