Microsoft Opens Beta XCloud Game Streaming This August, Is It A Hit Or Miss?

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Microsoft is coming up with a new gaming feature. Users of Xbox Ultimate Game Pass will be able to try this feature from August 11, 2020. The software giant launches a new Android version for Xbox users. This new beta app has a new game streaming feature. This feature was officially known as XCloud previously. The app will be available on the Play Store from September 15, 2020. Here is everything you need to know about the new game streaming feature. Keep on reading to find out more.

Microsft With Its New Beta Game Streaming Feature

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Microsoft opens Xcloud game streaming feature. Image Source: Oltnews

The feature is available for Xbox Ultimate Game Pass users starting as early as August 11, 2020. The spokesperson of Microsft explains, “ We approach the launch of cloud gaming with Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Users. It will be available for everyone from September 15, 2020. We are entering a limited beta period”.

He continues to say, “ We are doing this to ensure a smooth transition of cloud gaming experience. This is from the Xbox users to android users. Existing beta users will be able to use the subset of available titles. They will be able to do this next mionth as soon as we make it available. Since the beta is limited it is crucial to providing the best possible experience to our members”.

The Characteristics Of This Game Streaming Feature

The beta game streaming will not have full 100 games. They will all be available next month. However, for August 11, we can expect to have at least 30 gaming titles or so. Microsoft is also planning to discontinue its feature Preview on September 11. This is due to their great launch on September 15.

However, if you want to try out the game streaming feature on August 11, You need to have a Game Pass. You need to be an Xbox ultimate Game Pass subscriber. You will also need to have the Xbox Beta ultimate game pass from Google Play Store.

Microsoft Beta Game Streaming Feature Will Not Be Available For Apple Users

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This feature will not be available for Google. Image Source: The Verge

It is sad news for Apple users that the game streaming feature will not be available for them. This is due to the Apple store guidelines. It states developers need to submit each game for review. Due to this policy, the streaming games available on Xbox are not able to participate in the review process. Also, Apple mentions that their customers enjoy a great variety of apps and gamnes in their stores. Developers can only participate if they abide by the rules and regulations of the Apple store.

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