China Tags the United States as the World’s Biggest Source of Instability

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The trade war between the United States and China has been on for a while now. Both countries have publicly dissatisfaction with one another several times during this period. This time, Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, during the G20 conference, said that the United States is the world’s biggest source of instability. He said that the United States Politicians are baselessly smearing China around the world.

The U.S.A. is the World’s Greatest Source of Instability According to Chinese Foreign Minister

At the sidelines during the G20 conference, Yi talked to Stef Blok, the Dutch Foreign Minister. In his words; “Around the world, the United States engages in protectionism and unilateralism while it damages multilateralism and trading systems that are multilateral. It is now the biggest destabilizing factor in the world.”

He said that during this trade war, the United States has bullied China by using the machine of the state to suppress Chinese businesses and laid baseless charges against them. He said that despite the fact that politicians in the United States keep smearing China there has been no evidence to support their accusations. The United States has been interfering with China’s internal affairs using its domestic laws in a bid to damage the one country two systems model.

The United State recently passed two bills backing the protesters in Hong Kong. They also sent a warning message to China regarding human rights. The fact that the United States is willing to pass these bills into law despite the trade war with Beijing shows that there may not be an end to this war anytime soon. Yi concluded by saying that the United States and no other country has the power to stop the growth and development of China. He said that history has proven that the country will continue to progress into the future.

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