Toshiba Quits The Laptop Business Officially After 35 Long Years

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Toshiba the Japanese laptop company officially calls it quits after 35 years. It leaves its mark on the top tech giants of the PC industry. As per reports, Toshiba sells its remaiming 19.9 percent stake to Sharp. With this, it exits the laptop and the PC business at large. The company was not doing good for the past few years. This is the reason why it decides to leave the market by selling all its shares. Here is everything you need to know about the decision. Keep reading to find out more.

The Tech Giant

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The Japanese tech giant. Image Source: Yahoo Money

Toshiba was the pioneer of personal portable computers. Its first laptop came out in 1985. The model was T1100. The laptop was compatible with IBM PC and it was powered by Intel. The configuration of this laptop were 4.77 MHz and it had a RAM of 256 KB. The internal storage was of a floppy drive of about 3.5 inches. The price point fo this laptop was around $255.

The IEEE is one of its reports says, “ The T1100 was the true pioneer of laptop PCs. In terms of both development and appearance, it was grand. It receives acceptance from not only the PC experts but from the entire business community as well. Toshiba was in the market for 35 years and it gave competition to some major laptop brands. To name a few there were Apple, Dell, HP, and many more.

Is This The Decline Of Toshiba?

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Toshiba T1100. Image Source: Wikipedia

Toshiba was the developer of several products for the last 35 years. Its decision to quit the laptop market came as a shock. But this is definitely not the end of Toshiba we suppose. In the 1990s to early 2000, we saw several laptop computers coming from their end. This includes the Qosmio line, the Portege, and Satellite.

However, the production of laptops was not the main reason for its decline. There are several factors contributing to it. Toshiba fails its bet on HD-DVD. This was the main feature of Toshiba’s laptops. But when streaming and Blu-ray came into the picture this feature became useless. There was also a considerable downfall ever since Macbook from Apple came into being in 1991.

Toshiba was also facing competition in the PC market as well. This is because no one was ready to buy such large contenders in recent times. However, it will continue to be a giant in the storage and printing categories. It will also flourish in categories like retail and energy. Therefore Toshiba is not completely declining from the market but only quits the laptop business.

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