Gummy And Jo Jung’s First Child!!!

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The celebrity couple Gummy and Jo Jung Suk welcomed a new member to their family. The couple is now a parent. Earlier this January, they announced Gummy Gummy’s pregnancy. She gave birth to their first daughter on the morning of August 6.

Jo Jung Suk’s agency, the JAM Entertainment shared the news with their fans. They said that the Actor Jo Jung Suk and singer Gummy had welcomed a new family member. The agency relieved the fans by telling them that mother and baby are in healthy condition. They further added that Gummy gave birth to their first daughter at a hospital in Seoul on the morning of August 6. The couple was overjoyed at the birth of their first child. They expressed their sincere gratitude for the support and congratulatory messages from the fans. Jo Jung’s agency further asked for blessings towards their family that has welcomed a new family member.

Gummy and Jo Jung's first child
Source: Soompi

Jo Jung’s Idea Of Being A Father

Jo Jung Suk is a South Korean actor who initially started with theatres. The actor recently played the role of the father in ” Hospital playlist”. He told in an interview how interesting the events turned out to be for him. The actor was excited about how he is going to be a father in real life while plays the same role in reel life. He also shared that his character, Ik Joon, was very similar to his idea of an ideal father. Jo Jung also added that he wants to be an actor that his child can be proud of.

Park Ji-Yeon, better known by her stage name Gummy is a South Korean singer. She made her debut with the album Like Them in 2003.

Gummy and Jo Jung's fist child
Source: Seoulbeats

Gummy And Jo Jung

The singer got into a relationship with Jo Jung in 2013. They secretly for five years. The couple announced their marriage in June 2018. The year’s fall was when the wedding happened. However, the marriage wasn’t much of a public affair. The marriage took place on October 8, 2018. The public and the media were informed about the wedding later.

After a couple of years, they had their first child on August 6, 2020. Jo Jung’s Agency took the initiative to share this incredible with their fans. Since then, people haven’t stopped showering their love for the new member. JAM Entertainment said that they received many congratulatory messages. They are thankful to their fans for showing so much love and support. We congratulate the couple on being parents of a beautiful daughter. We also wish Gummy and Jo Jung’s first child a healthy and beautiful life ahead.

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