America Is Planning To Reopen Schools This Fall: The Why, How

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America is planning to reopen schools this fall. The coronavirus took a toll on us ever since March 2020. All of our lives are on hold ever since then. Due to the massive spread and panic, schools came to a decision. They decided to cancel all in-class sessions until further notice. But it has been several months and there is no stop for this pandemic. However, 50% of the schools in America decide to open this fall. But the big question is if and how the schools will open. We are here to answer it all. We here bring to you everything you need to know about schools in America and their decision.

America: When Will The Schools Reopen?

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America planning to reopen schools in fall. Image Source: The New York Times

Several schools including Connecticut and New Jersey are planning to resume classes this fall. In recent times even New York expresses its decision to open schools in the fall. However, even if the schools reopen, it is highly unlikely for students to do full-time. The schools will also have to take several factors into consideration before they finally decide to reopen schools.

Factors such as social distancing and class size need to be kept in mind. The Mayor of New York city exclaims that even if they reopen school the students will only attend 1-3 classes a week. The rest of the time it is going to be virtual learning. The plan is such that the classroom will not include more than 12 persons at a time. This will include teachers, students, and aides. Everyone will also need to wear masks. The students will be provided with masks for free.

How Will The Decision Be Taken?

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Wearing masks is mandatory for all. Image Source: The American Prospect.

Schools already face the wrath of President Trump. Donald Trump repeatedly pushes schools to reopen this fall. He also threatens them to cut their fundings if they do not do so. However, the schools point out that his ability to do so is limited. There are many schools open in other countries and they face no problem at all.

The American Federation of Teachers says that before opening the schools, the virus should be properly tested and tracked. It is for the safety of the entire school. It also says that the schools need to have the proper protective equipment. This is because the adults who work at schools are at a greater risk of coronavirus. However, since the closure of schools for so long is hampering the academics. Schools do need to open.

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