Disenchantment Season 3: Is It Happening? Plot . Release Date !

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The American animated fantasy sitcom is coming back with Disenchantment season 3. It is by all means an enchantment. The series features some serious jaw-dropping animations and some hilarious humor. Its quirky characters are rib-tickling and fans are much awaiting for this animated series to come back. The creator of the show is Matt Groening. The series is set in Dreamland, a fantasy kingdom, that explores a drunkard, pops of beans, and a defiant princess. The series has so much to offer that the fans are curious to know what happens next. So here is everything we know about Disenchantment season 3. Keep reading to learn more.

Disenchantment Season 3 Release Date

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Disenchantment season 3. Image Source: Den Of Geek

Netflix renews the popular animation series for its third season. It is excellent news for the fans. Fans can expect Disenchantment season 3 to release anytime between 2020 to 2021. Netflix makes this announcement in 2018 and fans are waiting ever since.

The second season features 20 episodes, so we can hope the same for the third season as well. However, the release of the third season might delay or postpone. This is due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The situation disrupts many projects in the entertainment industry and Disenchantment season 3 might be one of them. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that it is definitely going to come back.


Since it is an animation series, it has more to do with voice recording. Season 1 and 2 encompass amazing voice artists. We expect the same from season 3 as well. However, some voices are going to come back. We will hear Abbi Jacobson voicing as Princess Bean.  Nat Faxon voicing as Elfo, Eric Andre voicing as Luci and John DiMaggio voicing as King Zog.

Others will reprise their voices for their respective characters. This includes Tress MacNielle voicing as Queen Oona, Lucy Montogomery voicing as Bunty. Billy West voicing as Sorcery, Maurice LaMarche voicing as Oval, and many others.

Disenchantment Season 3 Plot

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Disenchantment season 3"
Netflix renews the third season. Image Source: Auto Freak

Since season 2 leaves us on a cliffhanger, we can expect season 3 to return on the same track. Fans had some big questions in season 2 and we can all expect to get answers in season 3. In season 2 we saw the false accusation of Bean. She faces charges of Witchcraft and trying to murder King Zog. King Zog happens to be her father.

While we all had questions about why she wants to murder her father, we can get some answers now. The focus of season 3 will be on how Bean can prove her innocence. She will also foil the Seekers and will rescue her injured father. There is too much awaiting in Season 3, so stay tuned.

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