Beastars Season 2: Netflix Release Date Updates and Everything We Know So Far.

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Beastars is a Japanese anime series. Paru Itagaki has been illustrating the series since September 2016. The show has an IMDB rating of 7.9/10. After the release of season 1, fans have demanded the release of Beastars season 2. Although, the officials haven’t said a lot about the upcoming season, but we have gathered enough info for you. Here is all the updates that you need.


The storyline is based on the fictional world of animals. Beastars series is based on the story of Legoshi. Legoshi is a large grey wolf who studies at Cherryton Academy. He is portrayed as a quiet and timid student. Legoshi lives in a dorm with his carnivorous labrador friend Jack. He is also a member of the school’s drama club.

The series turns suspicious after a murder that occurred out of nowhere. This creates stress and distrust between the two communities in school. The carnivore and herbivore get into a cold war. The war intensifies with time. The suspense also heats up the environment in school. Season 1 grabs the attention of viewers through a series of twists and turns.

Beastars season 2
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Season 2 will also revolve around Cherryton Academy. New mysteries will be introduced. We will see Legoshi in action once again. The students will be seen revealing suspense.

Release Date

The anime series is likely going to release in August 2020 in Japan. Beastars season 2 will first release in Japan. Soon after it, the fans outside japan can watch it on Netflix. The release has not been officially announced but our sources suggest it will be released in January 2021. If there is a delay, then the blame is on coronavirus.

Cast: Beastars Season 2

The existing cast will continue for the new season. As for now, no updates are available for any changes in the cast. The leading cast has the following characters:

  • Legoshi voiced by Chikahiro Kobayashi
  • Haru voiced by Sayaka Senbong
  • Louis Voiced by Yūki Ono
  • Juno Voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Gohin Voiced by Akio Ōtsuka
  • Jack Voiced by Junya Enoki

    Beastars season 2
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Since season 1 was a big hit. Our expectations are high for Beastars season 2 as well. Beastars have won multiple awards. It became the first Akita Shoten title to take home the Manga Taishō Award. The show is originally made for the Anime lovers of Japan. Netflix brought it to the fans outside of Japan. Boundaries surely aren’t an obstruction for anime lovers. Fans have to thank Netflix for this delight. Everyone has high hopes from the makers. Beastars season 1 is available on Netflix was fans. The wait for season 2 will hopefully get over soon. Till then, binge watch your favorite shows and stay tuned!

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