Facebook And Microsoft are Unhappy With Apple’s Store Policy

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Apple is undoubtedly one of the top technology makers in the world. Apple is appreciated for the quality it has to offers. But it has recently made headlines due to the strict store policies. Not everyone is happy with Apple’s store policy policies. After the recent controversy with Microsoft, Facebook has too slammed Apple now for the same reason. Here are the details regarding the same.

Microsoft On Apple’s Store Policies

The iPhone maker has rejected the gaming subscription services that Microsoft has to offer. The cloud gaming service has games like the Xbox game pass to offer to its customer. But Apple has denied Microsoft’s offer again and again. According to Apple, XCloud gaming services violates its store policies. As a result, Microsoft condemned apple. In a recent interview, the spokesperson of Microsoft addressed the above issues. He said that Apple stands alone as the only general-purpose platform to deny consumers. It has not approved cloud gaming and game subscription like the Xbox game pass.

Microsoft feels that Apple is restricting its customer from the benefits of technology. This has also made the gaming industry upset. They think Apple is particularly unfair to gaming apps. And a recent argument in favor of Microsoft has been made by Facebook.

Facebook Too Slams Apple.

Facebook has joined the war with Microsoft against Apple. After Microsoft, Facebook accuses Apple of its strict unfair policies. Facebook got its mini gaming app rejected by Apple several times, like Microsoft. Facebook claimed that this feature is mainly for watching streamers play games. It also included mini-games section, which Apple didn’t approve of. Facebook wasn’t ready to compromise and therefore condemned Apple just like Microsoft. The chief operating officer said that they are staying focussed on building communities for their customers who can play games on Facebook. Unfortunately, iOS users won’t be able to take full benefit of this feature.

Microsoft and Facebook unhappy with Apple's policy
Source: ABC News

Apple Defending Its Policies

Apple stands strong even after facing so much criticism. The gaming industry, Facebook, and Microsoft has accused Apple. Apple has defended itself, saying the store’s policy is valid enough. They know what’s best for their customers.

Apple said that according to the guidelines, the app developers should submit their games individually for reviewing. The Microsoft Xbox gaming service comprised of more than 100 games. Approving the Xbox service would contradict its own guidelines.

facebook and microsoft unhappy with apple's policy
Source: Forbes

Apple has rejected Facebook’s gaming app under the store’s guideline 4.7. It defended itself against the accusation. It is that the only purpose of the app was to play games. However, Facebook claimed that it shared data. It also showed that 95% of the activity is watching streams. But Apple’s store policy is rigid.

We don’t know will their decision change or not. But let’s hope whatever happens proves to be best for their customers.

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