Wentworth Season 8: Release Date, Cast & Plot

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Wentworth, the Australian Prison drama, is finally returning with a season 8!

The drama, although prevalent in its native country, has also gained a vast number of overseas broadcasts in 158 different global territories. It was this audience enthusiasm that helped overturn Foxtel ‘s decision to ax the show after season seven, instead of moving ahead with two final seasons  –that will see the return of a terrifying villain.

Wentworth S8 Release Date:

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The show’s new season has already been aired on 5STAR in UK and Foxtel in Australia. These channels continue to air new episodes every week.

We ‘re not going to be able to watch the new season that soon, but it’s incredible that Wentworth season 8 is coming to Netflix soon!

The exact time period to wait hasn’t been determined by Netflix yet. However, we do have a pretty good idea as to when the series will air on Netflix. Wentworth season 7 was introduced to Netflix one day after the finale aired in Australia. We have to presume that Wentworth season 8 will follow the same trend and be launched on Netflix one day after the season finale.

We haven’t heard when the season final is going to air yet, but we know there are ten episodes in season 8. If the series runs ten straight weeks, the season finale will be broadcast on Sept. 29, which means the entire season will be added to Netflix on Sept. 30.

Whether there’s some lag, with the series missing a week, we’ll see the entire season coming to Netflix in early October 2020.

Wentworth S8 Cast:

Season 8 sees the return of a bunch of Wentworth legends:

  • Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett
  •  Robbie Magasiva as Will Jackson
  • Katrina Milosevic as Sue Jenkins
  • Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak

The series is also adding numerous new faces to its cast. This includes its first-ever transgender character, Rebel ‘Rep’ Keane, to be played by Zoe Terakes.

For an armed robbery, Reb was sent to prison. He is joined by romantic partner Lou Kelly, a former jail top dog who won’t waste much time before the rattling cages.

Expect to see Jane Hall as new General Manager, Ann Reynolds. She hopes to expel Will from the company once and for all.


It looks likely to be another challenging year for the characters of Wentworth. They have to deal with the surprising return of the sadistic warden Joan ‘The Witch’ Ferguson. Probably the last one to be buried for her horrific crimes.

The consequences for Vera Bennett, Will Jackson, and Jake Stewart, who collaborated to draw her into the death pit, are enormous –will both of them make it alive?

All we can do is ponder upon all this. Don’t let the curiosity kill you!

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