Sherlock Season 5: When Is It Coming? Cast, Plot And Release Date!!

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The British Crime series is back with Sherlock Season 5 now. It is a set of detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is available on Netflix, and it has 13 episodes each season. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat is the creator of this crime drama series. Fans of this series were eagerly waiting for the fifth season, and now that its finally arriving, it’s exciting. The series was a receiver of immense appreciation, and it is widely acclaimed. Therefore here is everything we know about Sherlock season 5.

Sherlock Season 5: When Is It Coming?

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Sherlock, season 5. Image Source: TV Season Spoilers

There has been no official announcement about the release date of the fifth season. However, we can expect that the series will come anywhere between 2022 and 2023. The creators are still to disclose any official date. But there still have been some unnecessary rumors about the upcoming fifth season. The fourth season ended on a cliffhanger, and therefore the fifth season is necessary.

The production is, however, on hold due to this global pandemic situation. The situation creates a major disrupts on a lot of projects. Sherlock is one of them. However, we all hope that the detective series will make a comeback once the situation gets better. We are all looking forward to a brand new mystery.

The Cast

Rich search results found on Google when searched for "Sherlock Season 5".
Sherlock Season 5 cast. Image Source: TheNationRoar

The cast of Sherlock season 5 is going to stay more or less the same. We will all see Benedict Cumberbatch reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes. He will come back as an intriguing investigator. We will also see Martin Freeman coming back as John Watson.

He is the partner of Sherlock and also his best friend. However, there is no Sherlock possible without a little Sherlock and Watson bromance. We might even see Sian Brooke, reprising her role as Erus Holmes. She is Sherlock’s psychotic sister and a master manipulator.

Sherlock Season 5 Plot

There is no official disclosure about the plot of the fifth season. However, we are hopeful that season 5 will take off exactly from where season 4 left. In the finale episode of season 4, we saw Erus coming out of nowhere. Until her arrival, we were not even aware that Sherlock has anyone else in his family. It ends with several plot holes and cliffhangers. We saw Erus getting back to her psych ward. We are hopeful that the fifth season will revolve around the lives of these three protagonists and give us some new mysteries.

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