Google Due To Disinformation Pulls Down 2500 China-linked YouTube Channels

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Google deletes 2500 YouTube channels linked to China. This was done between April to June. Google says it was done to remove any misinformation from the platform that majorly supports video sharing. There was an investigation going on. And in order to curb any influence with China, Google takes this step. This was a drastic step by Google, and here is everything we know about it. Keep reading to find out more about this issue.

YouTube’s Take On Google’s Decision

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Google deletes China-linked YouTube channels"
YouTube channels with links to China faces deletion by Google. Image Source: 10TV

YouTube mentions that the channels were removed during an online investigation. This was in the months of April to June. YouTube indicates that generally, there are posts like “non-political content or spammy”. But there was a specific section that had a little touch of politics. This is what YouTube informs to its daily bulletin about disinformation.

However, there was no specific identification about the channels from Google. But there were certain links to a similar activity on Twitter. Some videos came out to be identical on both platforms. Graphika, an analytics company of social media, points this out in April. This is also the same time when YouTube saw discrepancies. The Chinese embassy that has its base in the US did not immediately react to the comments. However, Beijing was in denial of any such allegations in the past.

Google Brings Trouble Relations Between the United States And China

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Google dletes China-linked YouTube channels"
Chinese apps and channels in trouble. Image Source: YouTube

Relations between the US and China are particularly complicated. This is due to the global coronavirus situation. However, this report sparks fumes between China and the US. The dispute is on social media and technology. Tension begins to grow even more so because it is the general elections ahead of the US. The White House on Wednesday declares that they are taking effective measures to ban “untrusted” Chinese apps.

They were stepping up to remove these apps from the digital networks of the US. The White House also calls Tik Tok and WeChat as “potential threats”. Tik Tok already has a deadline until 15th September. This is to either handover all of its operations to Microsoft or to face a complete ban. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary, runs a campaign of “Clean Network”.

This focuses on removing all Chinese apps and telecom companies. This is to stop the drainage of personal information of both US citizens and businesses. Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, accuses Pompeo. He says that Pompeo is trying to build an “iron curtain” and draw new divisions. He further goes on to say that the situation is like a textbook case of “bullying”.

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