Mauricio Pochettino Says He is Rebuilding Transitional Tottenham

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Tottenham has been having difficulty these days but Mauricio Pochettino believes that the team can be rebuilt if he is given time. He said that this transitional period following the Premier League hasn’t been easy. Even if Tanguy Ndombele and Giovani Lo Celso were placed in the midfield for the first time since the season started, the team continued to lack inspiration. Their last game with Sheffield United ended in a 1-1 draw.

Can Tottenham Recover in Time?

Following the game with Sheffield, Tottenham moved to the 12th place on the list. This is still 11 points away from the 4th position. This is still far away, especially when other teams, including Manchester United, are struggling for the 4th position.

The match with Sheffield would have been the perfect opportunity for Tottenham to rise but they were faced with a well-organized and aggressive team according to Pochettino. He said that they are in a transitional period and would need more time to build a team that can take them to their former glorious heights. In his words; “We have to find a balance. We are working on rebuilding the team. It’s dangerous to play in the Champions League and Premier League during the transitional period. You don’t get the result you expect.”

Pochettino’s hope that Tottenham will recover is not a surprise. He is simply staying positive despite the current position of his team. It’s important to note that Tottenham isn’t the only team that has an interest in an epic comeback. A while ago, we reported that Manchester United was aiming for the 4th position even if it is currently in 10th place and needs 10 points to move to the 4th position. Chelsea currently in the 4th position. So, Manu and Tottenham will need to put in a lot of effort if they are to take the 4th position from Chelsea.

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