Bosch Season 7: Plot , Cast and Release Date!

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Bosch is a must-watch series for people who have a heart for crime, drama, and suspense. It is an American TV series produced under Amazon studios. The show has already won millions of hearts through the six hit seasons. Amazon is back again with the new bosch season 7. The season 7 might also be the closing chapter for Bosch.

Bosch Season 7 To Release Soon?

The last successful seasons have paved a hit road for season 7. Earlier, the makers confirmed renewing the set for the new season and the final season of this show on February 13, 2020. Nothing was mentioned about the release date. The coronavirus made the shooting stop for a while. The global pandemic affected the making of season 7 like everything else. No trailer or teaser has been released yet. However, we can expect the season to premier in 2021. The show follows the annual premiering scheme, like several others. But as said earlier, it might get postponed due to pandemic. Nonetheless, it will be out max by 2022.

Bosch season 7
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Michael Connelly’s books are the soul of the Bosch series. This season will not be an exception. His books will inspire the plot of season 7 too. Like any other season, we can always expect some unexpected twist. Nothing has been officially stated about the plot, though. The makers won’t surely disappoint the fans in the climax season of this series. All we can do until the release is wait. But one thing that is undoubtedly going to happen is Harry Bosch saving Los Angeles.

The Cast Of Bosch Season 7

The makers are most likely to continue with their older cast. The old cast has proven to be golden lucky for the fate of Bosch. But there is always some room for new members. We might see some new faces supporting the leads. Here is who going to play what :

  • Harry Bosch played by Titus Welliver
  • Jerry Edgar played by Jamie Hector
  • Lt. Grace Billets played by Amy Aquino
  • Maddie played by Madison Lintz
  • Detective Johnson played by Troy Evans
Bosch season 7
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The Bosch series has managed to please his fans and has been appreciated by the critics as well. The 8.9/10 IMDB score speaks all about the series. We hope that the Bosch season 7 will provide a deserving ending to the show. One of the oldest amazon shows has a significant fan following and is worth watching. If you haven’t watched the show yet, now is the best time. Watch it exclusively on Amazon Prime. This pandemic requires a show like this for the audience.

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