Hong Kong Student Who Fell During Last Public Protest Dies

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The 22-year-old student died in the early hours of Friday morning from injuries sustained in a protest

Hospital authorities report that a student who fell during protests died early Friday morning. This sets the stage for fresh protests in the territory this weekend. Members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students Union identified the student as Chow, a 22-year-old who was an undergraduate second-year student in the computer science department.

Chow died of a cardiac arrest

Reports from the South China Morning Post reveals that he died of a cardiac arrest after slipping into a coma since Monday morning. Chow is believed to have been injured in the early hours of Monday in Tseung Kwan O. at that time, the police attempted to disperse the demonstrators with tear gas rounds. The young man’s case has called for vigils in his honor.

The student was discovered lying in a pool of his blood in a car park where police fired tear gas. Protesters say the police delayed the call for emergency medical services after firing the tear gas. The police official acknowledged that there was the use of tear gas. However, they denied that there was a lot of gas in the air when Chow was found. The circumstances surrounding Chow’s injury is still unclear. But the protesters still blame the police saying that they failed to follow the guidelines on tear gas firing.

Students of the science department joined a memorial and paid their last respects to the fallen classmate. The university also asked students as well as protesters to be peaceful and avoid conflict. This fell on deaf ears as the protesters marched towards the school to vandalize some operations linked to Chinese companies. Joshua Wong, the pro-democracy leader said, the city’s residents mourn this great loss in HK.

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