Deadpool 3: The Much Awaited Film Does Not Sound Hopeful, It’s Heartbreaking!

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Ever since Deadpool 2, fans have been patiently waiting for Deadpool 3. The violent and foul-mouthed superhero has become everyone’s favorite ever since its release. However, there is still no official announcement about the movie just yet. This can be a little heartbreaking for the fans. However, the first two installments of the franchise were a massive hit, and we were sure of the third. But now it seems like a distant dream. Here are all the latest updates we know about Deadpool 3.

 A Distant Dream

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Deadpool 3 a distant dream. Image Source: Gizmo Posts

Ryan Reynolds is also as unsure as we are about the return of Deadpool 3. He has three words to say, and those are, “I don’t know”. Due to the global pandemic situation, everything is currently on hold. The case has hit the entertainment industry hard, and Deadpool seems to have had the worst. Ever since Disney took over 21st Century Fix, Deadpool is under its acquisition now.

So technically, we can now see the hero in MCU alongside other heroes if Marvel. However, we are not yet sure if Disney and Marvel will look to collaborate on this matter. During the Comi-con of Marvel in 2019, there was no mention of Deadpool being a part of their upcoming project. And so much so, a year has passed, and we still don’t see any news about it.

What Is Happening With Deadpool 3?

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Ryan Reynolds. Image Source: The Digital Wise

When Deadpool 3 went missing in Comi-con in 2019, the actor took to social media for some confirmation. The actor in December 2019 confirms that the movie is still under development. He explains, “We are currently working on Deadpool 3. We all are working as a team. We are at Marvel studios, which all of a sudden seems crazy. So yeah, we are working on it.”

However, his statements seem to change with the change of the new year. In May 2020, he came up with an “I don’t know the statement”. He was seen throwing some shadow over the new project. He mentions that he did not feel like a Marvel insider. He reflects by saying that he is still not sure if Deadpool 3 is at all happening. But if it does, he will be the happiest and will have a better perspective of it. The Marvel Universe is, however, pretty packed lately. There are so many projects coming up. So with the third installment, it seems fans might have to wait till 2022, if sooner than later.

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